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New restrictions on Big Tech, as well as a carve out for “gig” companies, are among the key propositions voters will see on the ballot in November. Proposition 22 could give companies like Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash the leeway to keep workers classified as contractors, and not employees. We’ll discuss what this means for the companies, their workers, and consumers in California and nationwide. 

Also at issue for Californians is Proposition 24, which would give more teeth to the state’s new privacy laws, limiting how tech uses our data, and increasing fines for violating kids’ privacy.

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For our fourth “Props to You” election event, CalMatters will talk to people on both sides of these measures about what the results, whether it’s a “Yes” or a “No” vote, may mean for Californians.

When: Tuesday Oct. 13, 6-7pm PT

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Prop 22 Discussion

Prop 22 would exempt gig companies like Uber and Lyft from a new state law requiring them to treat workers as employees.

CalMatters economy reporter Lauren Helper will moderate a conversation on this proposition.

Prop 24 Discussion

Prop 24 would strengthen California’s data privacy law and create a state agency to enforce it.

This discussion will be moderated by CalMatters political reporter Laurel Rosenhall.

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