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3 Monster Growth Stocks That Could Reach New Highs

Investors have a clear task ahead: find the stocks that will rise with an approaching bull market. Past performance, of course, is no guarantee of future gains, but the stocks that have achieved swift growth in recent months are a logical place to start looking for tomorrow’s winners. There are worries, of course, centered on the newly Democrat-controlled US Senate that will give the incoming Biden Administration a chance to implement his tax-increase plan, and the poor December jobs numbers; will they combine to derail the market’s strong upward trend?Not so fast, according to Credit Suisse’s Jonathan Golub. The firm’s chief US equity strategist has raised his 2021 year-end outlook, bumping it up from 4,050 to 4,200.Golub points out, first, that the Democratic candidates won both of Georgia’s Senate seats in the recent runoff vote, a development that gives the Dems effective control – albeit at the narrowest of possible margins – of both Houses of Congress. The incoming Biden Administration has pledged itself to both sign an upsized COVID relief package and to reverse President Trump’s policies. Control of Congress is a necessary precondition. Golub said, “This should result in additional stimulus, including the expansion of payments to individuals.”The second point Golub notes as a major supportive event for the