‘Humbled and pained’: Calif. tech exec’s indoor conference becomes COVID superspreader – SFGate

A California tech executive has admitted his “COVID Immunity Bubble” turned into a superspreader event, infecting over two dozen conference-goers in the process.

In a blog posted on his personal website, Peter Diamandis, who co-founded several space companies and the Silicon Valley business incubator Singularity University, says he didn’t want to nix the in-person portion of his yearly business conference. Instead, despite California’s guidance against doing so, he put together a hybrid event for his annual Abundance 360 Summit, with some attendees watching sessions virtually and a number flying in to attend in person.

In order to accommodate the 80 or so in-person employees and guests, some of whom reportedly paid $30,000 to attend, Diamandis set up the conference at his offices in Culver City.

“I thought creating a COVID ‘Immunity Bubble’ for a small group in a TV studio setting was possible,” he wrote on his blog. “I was wrong.”